TEC was established in April 2014. In the labor market in order to supply of going up requirements of engineers, technic, trade invaders, employees for technical areas we considered to create theoretical and practical trainings.

In order to achieve all these, TEC is taken successful steps in order to take part in a working scale the employees of local companies. TEC creates opportunities to give effective training models to consumers, physical employees and companies.

Also oil – other oil industry areas are going to develop. And the same time as the non-oil fields are going to develop construction, metallurgy, chemistry, at a time when sectors such as food are developing our training centre gives real opportunities for the unemployed youths to gain technical knowledges. More than 2 years – 75 professional trainings, audit and consultations has been arranged in TEC.




To apply international industrial standards to stimulate local experts to fit international standards and make bridge between companies and training graduates being real result of qualitative training and consulting services participation perspectives of industry and creating working opportunities in relevant work field.




This training centre gives great opportunities to participants with its various methods. They learn how to integrate from a real life theory knowledges to practical.

The advantage of this training centre reliance on methods is to teach how to form a positive atmosphere in worksites. Such kind of motivations help to identify listeners’ potential skills motivate and give opportunities for their future life to gain more success.

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